dining tables ballarat

Dining tables ballarat .the bed shop and the sofa store. Yes we have added dining and living room furniture. As with all the furniture we source the dining is no exception .The tables are all hardwood , Marri,timber, tasmanian oak.,messmate tables and vic ash parquetry ..There is a mix of Australian made,and quality imported furniture all are made with beautiful australian hardwood timbers. The dining chairs are  fabric, you can choose the fabric from the lovely range of profile fabrics. The leather chairs are all top grain leather beautifully crafted .


The sofa store and the bed shop trading together .Now you can purchase beautiful dining suites .. we only have timber products that are sourced from  plantations.

Timber is a beautiful material to work with especially the popular Australian gum trees  such as the marri from western australia with gorgeous markings and veins. the lovely vic ash  with a more even grain and very light colored. Blackwood  beautiful colors in this timber .

The latest in modern living is the concrete table combined with hardwood … Vallee tables a well known Australian company have released their latest dining collection

the concrete dining table   featured with full leather dining chairs . 


the sofa store and the bed shop 65 Mair street east  ballarat dining table