6 steps to your new sofa


TSS. step 1.  Know your  space,  Measure the size of your room or the space where you will place your new sofa .

Write these measurements and a quick sketch allowing  for doors and windows . (A plan of your room ). Bring this with you when you visit the sofa store.

TSS step 2,  Know your  access, for the delivery of your new sofa. This will be crucial  if access is limited . You dont want to choose a beautiful new sofa and not be able to get it inside your home.

TSS  step3. Know your budget, This will be of great assistance for you and the sofa store in making sure you will receive  the best quality and value for money all within your budget.

TSS step 4.  Know your style,  contempory, classic ,rustic , industrial, country.

Not everyone has a clear idea of their style, however you will know what you dont like, and a professional  sales assistant will be able to guide you through this..

TSS  step5 . recliners, manual or powered, softer cushioning,

TSS tip 6 . Now your choice ,  leather or fabric, pattern or plain.

TSS  the sofa store  We have size of the sofa :the style;the fabric and pattern:

the sofa store will organise from here for you and when your sofa is here we will deliver at no extra charge.